are you ready to make record labels even more obsolete?

we are a team of experienced entrepreneurs who have known each other for decades. We all share the same passion - MUSIC -but have very different and complimentary skillsets and now CEO Chastine Christianse, CTO Jaime Herrera, CMO Rick Torres & CCO Else Sommer are working day and night to bring artists and industry professionals the marketplace they have been calling for. We conducted interviews with 200 people to see if our concept had ressonance with our future partners and customers and was met with an unambiguous YES - build it, we will use it. Over a 5 year period we believe we can serve 2 M+ artists and by then generate around USD 50M/ARR in revenue, like similar music startups who serves and disrupted the same marked with a different product. built to scale by network effect we’ve built our algorithm with all the intelligence one can expect ano 2023 so it is prepared for applying machine learning to optimize the quality of user experience and allow us to be data-driven Please give us your contact info and we will let you know when we a round and need the right investors onboard
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